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Amsterdam: Librije's Zusje

The night we got engaged, Brant planned ahead and got us a reservation at one of Amsterdam's best restaurants, Librije's Zusje Amsterdam (Don't ask me how to pronounce it!). It was awarded 2 Michelin Stars. We did the Chef's Tasting Menu and it was an incredible experience. Still Brant's favorite meal he's ever had!

Brant did the wine pairings, I just took a sip of his with each course. As we've learned in the past, if I do the wine pairings, I'm drunk after the second course.

When we arrived, they placed something that looked like a sponge under a glass cover and throughout the meal, the waiter would come by and put droppers of something on it! The anticipation was fantastic.

These are photos of just a couple courses. I wasn't taking many photos, mainly just looking at my sparkly new ring and handsome fiancé.

The final dish were these chocolates, all filled with the flavors from each of the courses, to remind us of the meal we had just experienced!

Oh, and they finally served us the sponge. :)


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