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Our Kitchen Remodel!

I'm sorry I've been slacking on my posts, but being pregnant and a pandemic slowed me down. I plan to post more (hopefully)! Although I hear having a baby can flip your world upside down haha.

Anyway... when Brant and I bought this house (and I started this blog) a couple years ago, we knew we wanted to redo the kitchen! And this year, we finally did it! Definitely wanted to get it done before the baby arrives. So check out the before and after! Such a huge transformation! We partnered with Best Cheer Stone for the beautiful Namib Fantasy countertops and backsplash, and all the cabinetry! I'll talk more about that below. :)

There were a lot of elements that didn't make sense in the old kitchen: cabinets that weren't aligned, uneven countertops, black stone that sucked out all the light.

One of the first things we did, which really opened up the room, was remove the soffits above the cabinets. It really makes the room feel so much taller and adds extra cabinet space! We absolutely love the glass cabinets at the top from Best Cheer Stone where we display some of our vintage pieces and pretty glassware.

I was planning to go with quartz countertops. Obviously, I love the look of marble, but I was trying to be practical. Brant and I do a lot of cooking, so I was nervous about having the less durable and more porous marble. I was excited when Best Cheer Stone told me about Namib Fantasy, which is technically a quartzite. It has the beautiful look of marble without compromising the resistance and hardness of your countertops. It took 30 seconds of convincing, when I saw the light sparkle off the stone to convince me to go with the Namib Fantasy. It's hard to capture in photographs, but it really does glisten and Brant LOVED the patterns and subtle blue patterns. We did the backsplash in Namib Fantasy as well!

I originally wanted to do dark green lower cabinets, but because they don't come in dark green, the paint wouldn't be as resistant to damage. Once again, I was convinced to change my plan... but also once again, I'm glad that I did. The crisp white cabinets (also from Best Cheer Stone) really brighten up the room. We went with classic white shaker cabinets. I didn't realize how dark the kitchen was. It made it feel smaller and sucked out the energy. With the white cabinets and countertops, the room is so much brighter and gives the illusion of being bigger than it is! We went with the oil rubbed bronze hardware to match our lighting fixtures and give a modern feel.

Ultimately, our kitchen is so much more functional in addition to being more beautiful. It really brings the house to another level! Thank you to Best Cheer Stone for partnering with us on the project. I'll be talking about all the new appliances in another post. : )

Coming up next.... our second bathroom remodel!


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