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Our Trip to Amsterdam!

Brant was traveling to both Manchester, UK and Dusseldorf, Germany for Pretty Little Liars' Conventions. Since the convention weekends were back to back and we'd be traveling over Valentine's Day, Brant told me that I could choose anywhere in Europe to go during the week in between. I looked at a map to see what made sense, and Amsterdam was not only a place I'd never been, but situated nicely between the two cities. Little did I know, that Brant was also planning to propose while there!

We stayed at Hotel NH Collection Doelen in Amsterdam and when we arrived, they had decorated the room for Valentine's Day! Plus, the suite had the most gorgeous views!

The decorations were perfect, because little did I (or the hotel) know that Brant would propose that night. That's its own story, which you can read about here.

The rest of the trip was incredible as well. We walked around the city and got stroopwafels. My favorite part of any new city in Europe is taking in all the incredible architecture. On a recommendation, we walked the red light district and visited the Museum of Prostitution, which was actually incredibly fascinating. It was bizarre, but I learned a lot. :)

The best meal we had was at Librije's Zusje.

All in all, it was an incredible, magic trip and Amsterdam is now one of my favorite places. For many reasons.


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