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Bridal Showers!

Updated: May 18, 2019

Benedict West Photography

I had two absolutely beautiful bridal showers and I am so grateful to my amazing family and friends for making me feel so loved!

My sister/Maid of Honor, Erika put together a stunning shower with my friends in Los Angeles, and my mom flew out for the occasion! The weather was gorgeous and all my bridesmaids contributed to the food, flowers, mimosas, decorations and games!!! They also made sure there was food I could eat and my sister slaved over a delicious vegan/gluten free pie! It was such a lovely day with so many of my favorite people. Shout out to Ashley Tisdale and Kelen Coleman for winning the shower games!

Also, thank you Benedict West Photography for the stunning photos and to Minted Weddings for providing the absolutely gorgeous invitations!! Dress by Lulus.

Mom, Erika and my baby Luna. (Benedict West Photography)

Beautiful invites by Minted.


For my second shower, our family friend, Melanie Speir, threw me a wonderful luncheon up at her beautiful home the Bay Area. She has known my mother since her son and my brother were in preschool together. Melanie actually threw my baby shower back in the day as well, so it comes full circle. Melanie was so kind to find three amazing dairy free ice creams and make a delicious meal within my food restrictions.

This shower was filled with my family members and my oldest friends. I've known my friends Jenna and Gina (and her 3 sisters!), since I was in preschool. It was such a wonderful weekend to spend with them all. Minted provided the gorgeous invitations for this event as well. Dress by Lulus.

Jenny, Gina and Julie Depper! (Friends since diapers)

My aunts on my father's side.

My mom and my Aunt Nina.

My sister and long time friend, Jenna Shenk,

The whole Bay Area party! Thanks to Melanie (far left) for hosting!


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