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Christina Tosi's Birthday Cake

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Have you seen the Christina Tosi episode of “Chef’s Table?” Well, we did and all Brant wanted for his birthday was her famous “Birthday Cake.” The West Hollywood location wasn’t open at this point, so we had some of her goodies shipped from New York!

We went ALL OUT and bought The B'Day Baller. We invited some of Brant's best friends over and all ate ourselves silly. It was magical and delicious.

This was definitely a “cheat meal” for me. I took all my enzymes (Lactaid, Gluten Digest, Digestive Enzymes) because I have a lot of intolerances. I still didn't feel fantastic a couple hours later, but it was absolutely worth it. I love that Milk Bar offers gluten free options, however I haven’t found any that are egg, dairy AND gluten free. It’s so hard to check all the boxes.


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