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House Renovations

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

We bought a house! We love the house we ended up in because it's in a great, safe neighborhood and also an awesome school district! No, we're not having babies soon, but we wanted to purchase a home we could stay in for a while.

When we moved into our house, we knew there were some cosmetic upgrades we’d want to take care of and also some trickier renovations to do down the line, so we made Phases.

So far, we have PHASE 1 done.

Here are some Before & After photos. You can read more about our living room makeover here and even shop our fixtures and furniture! You can shop about our bedroom furniture here.

And if you want to know more about our fireplace makeover, check it out here.

Join us on our renovation journey. See all of our Phases below.



Phase 1:

- Redo Floors

- Redo the fireplace

- Skim Coat walls

- Paint all the rooms

- Replace baseboards and crown molding in Living Room

- Remove living room ceiling fan

- Replace bedroom ceiling fan

- Add recessed lights and sconces

Phase 2:

- Redo our office - Add shower to our 1/2 bath

- We're getting this rain shower system (matte black).

Phase 3:

- Redo our kitchen

Phase 4:

- Add a hot tub in the back yard!

Phase 5:

- Redo our full bath

Phase 6:

- Landscape the front yard.


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22 mar 2019

It looks amazing! Great work! Maybe doing a tv show like fixer upper is something for you. I love these kind of show. You both have a really good taste.

Me gusta
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