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New ZLINE Appliances

Remember when I I told you all that I’d highlight our new ZLINE kitchen appliances back in

January? Well, everything takes longer with a baby, haha!

As you can see, the appliances are all beautiful but they’re also functional and affordable!

We loved the style of the ZLINE Range Hood and it makes all the difference. In our old kitchen,

the fan didn’t exhaust outside, it just filtered and recirculated the air, so we had our contractor

install an actual exhaust outside. It has kept our air clean and no more waving towels at the

smoke detector! We love the multiple settings (4 different speeds) and the fact that we can put

the baffle filters in the dishwasher.

We went with the all gas range, but they also have dual fuel ranges as well. Their ranges come

with Italian burners and even come with a dual wok burner with removable ring. With all my

food intolerances, we do a lot of cooking at home, so having a good range was important!

Our old dishwasher didn’t actually fit our dishes, but our new ZLINE dishwasher can fit 20

place settings and is ENERGYSTAR compliant!

We got this beautiful fireclay sink from ZLINE. This was something Brant really wanted.

Washing big pots and pans in our old sink was difficult because of the divider. But this sink has

plenty of room for all our dishes! And is a great sink to bathe a baby in. Plus, it’s reversible!

One item we didn’t know how much we’d love until we were using it, is the microwave drawer.

It keeps our beautiful countertops clear and feels very futuristic every time we use it. It has a

touch screen and opens and closes with a button.

Our kitchen is so much more functional now. Check out my post on the whole remodel here.


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