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Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Some of these pieces we had from our townhouse. Some Brant had bought previously and some we bought specifically for the new house! A lot of it is really affordable and can even be found on amazon! Hope you like our style!

To read about the fireplace makeover and where to buy materials, go here.

Brant had the coffee table and leather sofa before we started dating. He's attracted to dark, masculine furniture, so I looked for accents, pillows and cabinets to try and bring in a bit more femininity.

The couch is from West Elm (no longer available) and the Coffee Table is from Pottery Barn (in Rustic Mahogany). The leather couch is great for Knuckles, because he sheds and it's easy to clean up with a hand vacuum.

We got the rug off amazon (8' Square, ivory/silver). I love how great their return policy is and their two day shipping! Again, I went for something lighter because of how dark the other furniture is.

Curtains are from Pottery Barn (in Marshmallow) and the curtain rod is from Amazon.

Also, shout out to our gorgeous orange tree with such delicious fruit!!!!!

I also got all these awesome throw pillows off amazon as well!

3. Knit Pillow (similar)

We also have the Myla Floor Lamp from Joybird!

The throw blanket was a gift, but this blanket is similar with the faux fur lining.

We have this on our coffee table. The plant is a Haworthia succulent that I bought at Trader Joe's. It's so easy to keep alive. A must for me because I tend to kill plants.

The tray is from West Elm and no longer available, but here's a similar one from Amazon.

The candle is DTLA. It was a housewarming gift from Vanessa and Austin.

The coasters are a mix of round slate and square slate.

We're still figuring out this area, but this is all furniture we had from our townhouse. Also, living in Los Angeles, a good air purifier is a must.

7. The Sea Glass Bottles, we got at Marshall's.

The plant is a Pothos Plant. It's so easy to care for and honestly, one of the few plants I can keep alive!

The cabinets are from a company I no longer support due to their business practices, but you can get very similar, if not the same ones from Home Depot!

The cameras are vintage from an antique store and the picture frame is from amazon, as are the faux air plants.

The sconces were a fun addition, but unfortunately are also from the same company I no longer support due to their business practices. We searched high and low and found these cool modern pieces. The bulbs are LED Edison bulbs from Amazon.

The Grantola Wall Mirror is probably my favorite piece that we own. In fact, it broke during the move and we loved it so much, we got it fixed. This was a large empty wall and the mirror really opens up the room. It also brings more light in by reflecting the window.


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Hayley Marie
Hayley Marie
06 февр. 2019 г.

This is super cosy! Absolutely love the mirror and fireplace.

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